Design your own pullovers, polo shirts & sweatshirts

Create your own pullovers, polo shirts & sweatshirts according to your wishes. Design yourself on the Live Creator

The individual production of pullovers, polo shirts and sweatshirts is currently developing into a real cult, especially among the younger generation. After all, you want to stand out from the crowd in a positive sense and impress others with the clothing you have created yourself. A pullover, polo or sweatshirt with a visually appealing textile print or original embroidery symbolizes individuality and creativity. Clothing with such a textile print or unique embroidery is simply more exclusive than any shirt from a boutique. In addition, a piece of clothing with a self-designed motif is ideal as a gift for dear friends and acquaintances, who will certainly appreciate the uniqueness of this gift idea.

A sweater Designing a polo shirt or sweatshirt is also a lot of fun. There are now numerous online shops on the Internet that have specialized in printing or embroidering pullovers, polo shirts and sweatshirts on behalf of customers. As a rule, a large selection of different items of clothing is offered, which the customer can print or embroider according to his own taste. In many online shops you can purchase items with a personal textile print relatively cheaply. There is often the option of receiving an attractive quantity discount from the manufacturer when ordering a certain amount, for example from 20 pieces.

This option should be of particular interest to clubs, groups and regulars’ tables that have several sweaters, Polo shirts or sweatshirts can have the logo or coat of arms of your club or group embroidered. Since textile printing or embroidery can sometimes cost more than the object to be printed, it is worthwhile to choose really good textiles, which may also be a bit more expensive. After all, you can enjoy a product that is of high quality for much longer. It is child’s play to order an individually designed item of clothing cheaply online. Most online shops that offer textile printing or Custom embroidery in Dubai allow you to design your own motifs with the help of special design software.

Custom T-Shirt BrandThe customer can either download his own picture from his PC or choose the most beautiful from the large selection of ready-made motifs. The respective motif can then either be combined with a line of text or applied blank to the symbolically represented T-shirt in any size and at a freely electable location. It should be noted, however, that most online shops offer several different types of textile printing. The customer can either have his sweater, polo shirt or sweatshirt printed with a digital print or with a flock or flex print. Most manufacturers of custom-made clothing can only digitally print white textiles.

Digital services, on the other hand, has the advantage over flock or flex printing that it can also be used to print shades and color gradations without any problems. For the flock or In contrast to digital printing, flex printing requires vector graphics, which means that the graphic must not contain any pixels and is composed of lines. Flock or flex printing is the higher quality type of textile printing, since flock or flex printing is more color-stable and colored textiles can also be printed without any problems.


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