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Woven labels are composed of polyester threads which are spun together with the help of a loom to create designs based on various parameters. It is mainly composed of cotton and polyester. It is generally a myth that only the design is woven to create a label. However, the fact is the whole label is actually woven.

The woven label UAE has a skilled team who is eminent for creating gems in this domain. To create these wonders they work hard and do ample research.

Why should one consider Woven Labels UAE?

Do you know a proper label is often considered the brand ambassador of any product? Well, these labels will highlight your brand and help your business prosper.

Woven labels UAE makes a bunch of superior quality labels. Woven Labels Uae They are committed to using state-of-the-art facilities and technology. The utter combination of highly skilled experts along with the latest technology in the market allows the creation of some of the woven label masterpieces.

All you need to do is present your requirements before them and wait to create the wonders. The executives here have committed themselves to give 100% client’s satisfaction. They will also add their innovative ideas to yours so that you can get some unique works in the industry.

Besides, the woven labels UAE offers the following perks:


These labels last for a longer span than  other types of labels. The reason for their durability is the whole stitching is done in a meticulous manner. Thus, in spite of repeated washing they are resistant to wear-and-tear.

Detailed Design

When you are thinking of a label it is natural that you expect information like brand name, website detail, contact detail, and wash care instructions (only in case of clothing or similar accessories). Labels including all such details can be easily woven.


Earlier, woven labels are spun out of ordinary looms. This measure used to require plenty of labour, and other resources. Hence, woven labels were expensive.

Woven labels Dubai has come up with an upgraded hi-tech machine that enables the production of woven labels at a comparatively lower cost. This initiative has not only brought down the price of the product but also enhances the quality.

The size, the product, the quantity and the design of the labels also determine the price.

Admirable Quality

If you do a thorough research, 3d embroidery dubai you will find there are loads of high-end brands including some  global fashion brands and accessories brands who prefer to use woven labels in their products. Do you know the secret behind such measures? The woven labels create a luxurious impression. It also gives your product an expensive appearance as well.

The woven label UAE will create such professional designs for your products giving them a professional look. Moreover, they also come at a cheap price. When it comes to the quality of the design just sit back and relax. You can go through some of such samples to create your own brand impression.

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