Dresses For The Upcoming Christmas Holidays 2019

Walking through the streets we can already see the first Christmas scents. The shop windows light up, the streets are dressed with sparkling decorations and even the air looks sweeter. A unique business card for Christmas, able to wrap us with its warm magic every year. In order not to get unprepared for the Christmas party, we open our wardrobe to find out if we are in line with the latest trends for Christmas 2019. Otherwise, maybe it’s better to run for cover!


The importance of colors


For an impeccable look to show off for the Christmas holidays it is important to choose the right nuances. For a classic-style outfit we opt for “ever green” colors like red, green and gold to choose for Evening Dresses . We dose the colors to embellish our look, or we focus on a solid color to soften with some more neutral details. If instead we love to add a touch of sparkling extravagance let us rely on the shine of the rhinestones, to be used without exceeding and only to light our outfit. For those who do not particularly like excessively bright colors, black is always synonymous with glamor. To light it up we choose accessories in shades of silver. Perfect a clutch embellished with small rhinestones or an elegant steel-colored bracelet.


Evening Dresses For A Glamorous Look


In reality there is no real dress code for the Christmas holidays. The important thing is to know how to interpret the circumstance and dress accordingly. For an elegant dinner, let us rely on the timeless glamor of a little black dress. The minimal and sober lines know how to enhance every woman, giving a touch of timeless elegance and femininity. To enhance the dress, we add a delicate string of pearls and collect the hair in a soft chignon. If instead we want to “exaggerate” with a dose of extra light, we embellish the décolleté with a bright necklace. Thanks to the sobriety of the little black dress we can also play with the lengths.


However, to avoid an overly provocative effect, we wear short Evening Dresses With Some Dancers. We then aim at covering stockings, avoiding the veiled ones. To slender the figure, we combine heeled shoes with short evening dresses. For a total red look, we focus on a soft dress that slides along the body. We can choose it embellished with details in lace, in soft velvet or in wool. But remember to break the total red with accessories in the shades of black, dark green or silver. For an extremely feminine look, we focus instead on a long silk dress. We can choose it in shades of black, burgundy, plum or in a warm bronze. We minimize over-generous necklines, to veil skillfully with a soft and impalpable tulle shawl.


Sweaters, blouses and flared skirts for a vintage Christmas


Who does not like to feel trapped in the excessive elegance of a dress, can focus on a more comfortable look and vintage taste. The flared skirts in shades of red are delightful to combine with a strictly worn white blouse. To complete the outfit we wear beautiful red patent leather pumps. Let’s not forget to show off a ring or a pair of brilliant earrings. For a Christmas to live in complete relaxation, off to the theme sweaters, to combine with a pair of skinny trousers or leggings.


Accessories and bijoux to light up the outfit


No look is really Christmas without some accessory or jewelry that gives us a pinch of light. Even the most minimal dress will not go unnoticed if embellished with a shine effect necklace. Don’t neglect your hands, which will have to show off a perfect manicure enhanced by a precious swarovski ring. The face can be illuminated by a pair of rhinestone earrings, perfect for creating a beautiful light spot. An important bracelet in steel or silver that sinuously wraps the wrist is a must.

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