5 Reasons Why a Personalized T-Shirt Is Better Than a Business Card

The ticket cards are an easy and effective way to raise awareness of its activities to people outside of your circle. They are comfortable to carry around and contain all the information regarding a particular company in a small piece of paper. Yet, despite being a fast, intelligent and cheap way to advertise your company, sometimes it is preferable to invest in personalized t-shirts to reach a wider clientele. embroidery-gulf.com explains why.

They have a longer life

First of all, the life of a business card must be considered. These are either left on the entrance counter of your business or are distributed around. Typically they are immediately placed by the potential customer inside the wallet, purse or pants pocket. What could happen is that the business card is easily lost or, in the worst case, thrown in the garbage along with other Paper? This thing will never happen with a personalized t-shirt.

Immediately catch your eye

Obviously, when creating a business card we will try to create a unique and attractive graphic. Same thing for a t-shirt. However original a card may be, it is not seen on every occasion, but only when it is shown by the owner. A well-made t-shirt, on the other hand, is visible to everyone at all times and – when it is particularly beautiful – is noticed much more than a business card.

It is shown off more easily


Providing your customers with a personalized t-shirt gives a better image of your company than just giving a business card. There is no person in the world who does not like to wear t-shirts and who does not like this garment. Have you ever seen a person go to the supermarket and show friends a business card? Probably not. While it is easier for them to show their new and original t-shirt satisfied.

They do not deteriorate easily

Quite simply, business cards wear out and get dirty much more easily than a personalized t-shirt. Obviously, they cannot be washed so, as soon as they become unpreventable, they are thrown into the dustbin. T-shirts last much longer and when they are no longer suitable for wearing with friends, they are perfect for gym workouts. In short, they can be exploited in an alternative way much more easily than a business card.

The message is more immediate

Company logos and names printed on t-shirts remain much more etched in people’s minds than those printed on a business card. Give it a try, but these two items side by side. Which one stands out the most?

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