The personalized t-shirts are cheap but of impact: perfect to advertise your company through work clothing with logo and the creation of gadgets for corporate gifts. Despite the low investment, in fact, it is possible to obtain excellent results from the aesthetic point of view, but also to create effect t-shirts that tell a lot about your brand and help make it familiar and pleasant to the eyes of people.

Custom t-shirts are a very versatile gadget: they can be used for corporate gifts, they can be used by the staff at the fair or they can be part of daily work clothing . Depending on the purpose, you can create low-cost t-shirts specific to your goal: here are 5 low-cost ideas.

  1. Custom t-shirts with company motto

Custom t-shirts with logo are a simple, classic and very effective choice. If, however, you want to create more communicative work clothes or gadgets, a good idea is to print slogans or slogans that are highly representative of the brand on the shirts , allowing employees to recognize themselves in corporate values ​​and external people to appreciate its qualities immediately.

  1. Print the team photo

Do you want to communicate the image of a cohesive company, made up of people who work together every day to satisfy customers? On custom t-shirts you can have a photo of the team assembled : you will immediately communicate the importance of teamwork and cooperation, making this type of advertising at a very low cost.

  1. Custom t-shirts with promotional campaigns

The beauty of personalized t-shirts is that they are inexpensive regardless of the type of message you choose to convey: adding information or using it as an advertising channel , rather than just printing the logo is a completely low-cost advantage for you. A variant of t-shirts with company motto is to have texts and images linked to your advertising campaigns printed: in this way you will have a strengthening of your communication and an even more coherent corporate image.

  1. Custom t-shirts with different colors

Sometimes small details are enough to attract the attention of potential customers. A particularly inexpensive solution is to make custom t-shirts with different colors , made consistent by the logo, the same on all, in plain sight, or some other message that unites them.

In this way you will be able to communicate creativity and consistency, but also attention to details and small things. For work clothes you can choose to use different colors for each department or role, stimulating a sense of belonging and an awareness of the importance of individual roles.

  1. Cheap, customized sports shirts

When it comes to cheap custom t-shirts for companies, we only think of workwear or gifts in the form of classic t shirts or polo shirts. Another possibility is sports shirts: a corporate gift that can bring visibility to the brand and binds it to the values ​​of sport , such as determination, the ability to work in a team, the commitment to accept challenges. The customized sports shirts are very cheap and constitute a very appreciated gadget, which allow the company logo to circulate well beyond the company gates.

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