Difference Between Digital And Screen Printing

When choosing to personalize notebooks and notebooks there are several factors that we take into consideration such as the size, the type of pages, the binding, the presence of an elastic band and obviously the printing technique

There are different techniques for printing an image on notebooks and notebooks. On Embroidery-Gulf we offer UVI digital printing and screen printing

What is the difference between the two printing techniques?

1 – Digital printing

Digital printing allows you to Print Designs and creativity in full color. It is therefore recommended for those who have images full of details or colors that are indispensable. It is a printing technique that we recommend for small quantities, under 50 units it is in fact a convenient and perfect option for use in small events, personalized gifts or organized trips.

2 – Silk-screen printing

Silk-screen printing is recommended for companies that have logos with few colors available. In fact it is possible to print notebooks and notebooks with serigraphy only if the image is composed of 1 or maximum colors. Furthermore, it is a convenient technique for large runs, for medium and large orders from 50 units, in fact, a considerable reduction in costs can be appreciated and therefore it will be possible to have a competitive price for this kind of item.

Now you just need to discover our models and start creating your own notebooks and notebooks with the print that suits your case. Good creation!

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