Digital Printing: From Its Origins To Evolution

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Digital printing: let’s start from the origins of this fantastic world

There are many inventions that marked a before and after in history and one of these concerns us very closely in  specifically it consists in the fact that the creation of the modern press was, in the middle of the fifteenth century, a true revolution.

Although previously “impression” systems existed in China and Europe, the creation of a process based on types of mobile devices greatly reduced copying time and allowed for increased print runs. Until then, the dissemination of knowledge had been done “by hand”: the scribe monks copied texts and manuscripts for private or public use. Imagine the time it takes to complete a copy!

This is why the modern invention of this art has been a cultural revolution: it has allowed people access to knowledge and has had an important impact in the religious and political sphere.

The “found” is due to Johannes Gutenberg, a German goldsmith and printer. We can say that he gave birth to an entire industrial process: in essence his idea – which proved to be successful – was to synthesize tools and techniques that already existed and to apply them to the press. Brilliant in its simplicity, do you agree?

Digital printing: progress and evolution

After the appearance of the printing machine, the systems to do so evolved through two techniques:

  • The Direct One
  • The Indirect One

In the first case the plate touches directly the support on which the print will be made, while in the second – as easily understood – it does not directly touch the support on which the graphic is printed.

Without boring yourself with exquisitely technical notions, suffice it to say that currently digital printing is the system par excellence used by all printers, since it offers multiple advantages compared to traditional ones and also guarantees a continuous advancement, not only in terms of technology and machinery, but also in terms of design and other computer-related elements.

That’s why from we always look for constantly updated ways to offer you a dynamic, efficient and above all innovative service.

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