Embroidery, a particularly elegant variant of textile finishing

Embroidery is a particularly elegant variant of textile finishing and is even more durable than textile printing. Particularly high-quality textiles such as polo shirts, jackets and towels can not only be embroidered extremely well, they can also look even more elegant. The selected embroidery threads are lightfast and durable.

The embroidery will not discolor or peel off even with frequent washing. Companies and associations have textiles embroidered so that teams and employees can wear uniform clothing with clearly recognizable logos. More and more private households have also discovered the charm of embroidery and have not only embroidered polo shirts and jackets, but also personal towels.

Have textiles embroidered according to your own design

Have you always dreamed of being your own designer? Textile finishing makes possible what you have been dreaming of for a long time. Think of a logo, a coat of arms, initials or your own design to embroider your polo shirts, jackets and towels with. Embroidery is just as interesting for private customers as it is for clubs and companies, as small order quantities are also possible. Step out of the masses. Don’t wear what everyone is wearing; let your imagination run wild by having polo shirts, jackets and towels embroidered to your liking. You can put together entire design series, for yourself, but also for friends. High-quality textiles with embroidery are always a welcome gift.

Towels, individually and cuddly soft

Not only polo shirts and jackets can be embroidered in a unique way, but towels too. Choose the colors and shapes that match your bathroom. Towels with individual embroidery are at least as tempting and visually appealing in private bathrooms as they are in hotels, guest houses, wellness areas, fitness clubs or other service providers. Your guests and customers will feel even more comfortable with you if you have your towels embroidered with your logo. High-quality textiles with an attractive appearance always attract attention and are the best advertising.

You can use the same template for embroidering the towels for polo shirts and jackets. The uniform textile line that you offer your guests and customers ensures good recognition value.

Have jackets embroidered

Regardless of whether you, as an employer, want to furnish your employees stylishly and visually appealing, your team members in the club want uniform jackets, or you would like to have jackets embroidered for you privately, you will always make the right choice. Stylish jackets, polo shirts and textiles of all kinds can be provided with elegant embroidery, which is unique. You decide how we should embroider your towels, polo shirts and jackets. With us you will find basic textile models of the highest quality for every season. A variety of colors and sizes are available for you to choose from.

You can then determine yourself in which color and size the embroidery of your choice should be. If you are not sure whether the technical design corresponds to your wishes, we will be happy to advise you and show you comparable objects.

The advantages that finished textiles can offer

Uniform clothing, such as B. polo shirts with embroidery, increases the team spirit among club members and employees. For this reason, many clubs and companies have jackets and polo shirts embroidered for their members and employees, so that the cohesion among them is strengthened. Service companies have another advantage. The embroidery on polo shirts and jackets makes it easier for customers to find a competent contact person more quickly.

Staff in clothing with embroidery differs from guests and visitors at first glance. Service providers make more sales when the service and sales staff can be identified more easily by customers. It is the same with clubs, players can find each other more quickly in a team game if they are uniformly dressed.

You can order your individual embroidery on polo shirts, jackets and towels quickly and easily online. You simply upload your template and send it to us by email. We will then prepare an animation for you so that you can see online how your selected template will look like embroidery on polo shirts, jackets or towels. The Embroidery and Tailoring in UAE itself does not take long, so that your order can be delivered to your home within a few days. If you need more towels, polo shirts or jackets after a while, you can easily reorder them online from us, according to the desired template.

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