Have jackets embroidered? Easier than you think!

Often people are tired of being offered the same standard product over and over again in stores. Especially when it comes to clothing and textiles: Both private and commercial buyers want more creativity and variety in terms of textile design. But what many do not know: Everyone can have their own clothing visually enhanced in a simple and uncomplicated way – through embroidery! Jackets are particularly popular when it comes to having high-quality textiles finished with jackets embroidered.

jackets embroidered are comfortable, and add a visual touch to any outfit. For this reason, many individualists, clubs and companies resort to the option of jacket embroidery. But how does it actually work, what are the advantages and disadvantages, which apply to the jacket embroidery? What else should you pay attention to when ordering the embroidery? A guide to this:

What is the difference between embroidery and textile printing?

It is not for nothing that embroidery is generally referred to as the “queen” of textile design. The craft requires years of practice, experience and professionalism.

After the desired motif for the embroidery has been transmitted, the punching takes place. The design is converted into an embroidery file. For this, it must already be known what type and quality the jackets are for embroidery. For the embroidery of the respective textile, the thread tension must be determined during the punching process so that the embroidery motif can be embroidered in a visually appealing and durable manner. The stitch type and stitch length are also determined when the embroidery file is created. When creating an embroidery file, a lot of skill and experience is required so that the embroidery can be done professionally.

Basically, embroidery differs from textile printing in that more fine work and details can be worked out. If you resort to textile printing, it is possible to have more motifs printed in a shorter time frame. However, if you focus on quality rather than quantity, it is advisable to use jacket embroidery – especially if you attach great importance to details. The embroidery can be made in any color.

Well that’s jackets can be embroidered robust in the long term and durable as embroidery are at no risk of losing or washing machine to paint to peel off. Although a certain care must be taken during the washing process with embroidery, the dreaded fading or bleeding of the goods is almost impossible.

Why is it so worthwhile to have a jacket embroidered?

Here you have to distinguish whether you are pursuing a private or a business benefit. The business benefit of having a jacket embroidered is obvious: if you want to put your company’s logo on the textiles, for example, to design the work clothes of the employees, then embroidery is inevitable. The practical benefit of wearing uniform work clothes has been proven for decades: employees are easier to identify, customers can ask direct questions, and the quality of work is also optimized through increased team spirit among employees.

But even if you only want to have your jackets embroidered privately , the effort is definitely worth it. After all, the embroidery gives you the opportunity to present yourself and fully express your creativity. Any pattern or font of your choice can be embroidered on the jacket. Here you can live out your individuality and there is something for everyone: whether funny, whether elegant, whether sporty.

Due to the possibility of having individual embroidery done, no one is forced to walk around in clothes that are mass-produced. Your own personality may consciously be brought to the fore.

Which motifs can be processed into an impressive embroidery?

The choice of motifs corresponds precisely to the wishes of our customers, especially when they create the motifs themselves. Motifs that are to be used for embroidering jackets are designed to be simpler if possible, since too many details are not as well expressed when embroidering as when printing on textiles. Monograms, family coats of arms or logos, which appear elegant and precise after the jacket is embroidered, are therefore particularly important.

Are there any other aspects that should be considered when having a jacket embroidered?

Yes there is. Of course, the material, i.e. the jackets themselves, should be made of high quality, easy-care and robust material. So you can be sure that you will enjoy the embroidered textiles for a long time. Furthermore, all textiles that are offered for embroidery in our shop can be Embroidery service in Dubai. If you take these factors into account, you can be sure that you will receive professionally made, high-quality textiles that will give you a lot of pleasure over a long period of time.

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