How To Customize Workwear

Customizing workwear is a promotional operation that helps to standardize and spread the image of your company in the eyes of potential customers. It is a way to make personnel easily recognizable and to give great visibility to your brand.

L ‘personalized workwear logo, in fact, allows you to build a solid corporate image and this can be done in different ways and with different techniques: There are many solutions that let you choose the one most in line with your brand and with’ corporate identity that you want to convey.

Custom t-shirts and other work clothes

Personalized clothing sleeveless jacket when you decide to customize workwear, you usually choose to imprint your company logo on custom t-shirts, but the options are not limited to this: you can economically customize sweatshirts, pants, caps working on different types of fabric and getting a quality image.

A good branding idea is to create custom caps and custom shirts not only as work clothes but also in a version to be distributed to the public as a gadget, to increase the popularity of the brand.

The choice of the item of work clothing to be personalized, therefore, must take into account a few simple factors: we can focus on the garments most used by employees and also on the products that the public is most likely to want to wear (shirts and caps, for example, they can be excellent gadgets, while more rarely personalized trousers are a good option to be distributed outside the company environment).

Tools and techniques to personalize workwear

Let’s think about how to personalize workwear and we immediately think of t-shirt printing, which can be done with different techniques depending on the desired result.

Not only: as we have seen, we can range much more in the choice of clothing, but also in the choice of personalization. Find out what is best for you in digital printing, screen printing, embroidery or hot stamping.

Digital printing for personalized work wear

The digital printing for custom t-shirts or other work clothing is a quick and inexpensive solution that delivers high-quality logos and designs on any type of fabric. It is the right solution for customization on large numbers, especially when it is necessary to carry out several series with small or large variations.


Screen printing for personalized work wear

Customizing workwear through screen printing means relying on high quality and precision system, with low costs and long-lasting results. Silk-screen printing is the ideal technique for personalizing work clothes with the exact repetition of the same design on a large number of garments, especially if the image is composed of few colors.

Customize work clothing with hot stamping

If you want to pay particular attention to your design for workwear or to create customized impact gadgets, you can opt for hot stamping. Hot stamping is a particular technique that allows the creation of logos, texts or designs with a metallic effect: the most widespread are in the colors of gold and silver, but you can wander by exploring other nuances.

Embroidery on t-shirts and personalized work wear

Attracting attention is important, but for many brands, high quality and elegance is even more so: it is possible to respond to this need for refinement by embroidering on t-shirts or on personalized work clothing, which allows you to create logos with the very precise and extremely durable result. The embroidery on t-shirts, sweatshirts, and caps allows for a high level of precision and care in great depth the details, for a result that really enhances the brand.

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