Laser Embroidery is Versatility

What is laser embroidery?

The Embroidery Laser , or embroidery laser known as laser marking , it is a special process that combines the technology of cutting or engraving using a laser beam , to modern embroidery production technologies.

With laser embroidery, special embroideries can be made directly in the machine using embroidered laser applications, negative applications, engravings, cuts, holes, micro-holes, embroidered badges and patches, laser engravings and many other decorations on fabric or leather , with exceptional precision and speed; laser applications are laser-cut, or laser-cut, with a tenth of a millimeter precision.

Laser cutting technology

Laser cutting is a cutting process for leather or other materials. The laser beam that is generated by the source (we use CO2 laser sources), with the use of mirrors reaches the cutting head directly mounted on the embroidery machine, and thanks to a lens, it is focused until a smaller diameter radius is obtained at the tenth of a millimeter, called spot, at very high power, which cuts the material.


Laser cutting directly on an embroidery machine is extremely versatile and allows you to cut a multitude of materials even of different thicknesses, from the most natural to the synthetic ones. Modern embroidery technology combined with laser cutting allows to significantly reduce production costs and production times. It is the ideal solution for those looking for innovation at low cost.

Usable materials

Laser embroidery allows the application of fabrics or materials of any kind. For example:

  • Laser cut or engraved leather
  • Faux Leather
  • Cotton
  • Wool
  • Polyester
  • Satin
  • Tulle
  • Organza
  • Silk
  • Denim
  • Wood
  • Cellulose fibers and paper
  • Many more

Different techniques of laser embroidery

Laser cutting, based on materials, requires different technologies or embroidery techniques; we at  Embroidery-Gulf always manage to find the best solution, based on the needs of our customers. Laser cutting and laser applications are ideal for embroidery for clothing , footwear , leather goods and accessories .

Combined with laser cutting, a multitude of embroidered applications can be realized, such as: Korean, Czechoslovakian or Austrian Swarovski rhinestones or thermoadhesive studs , sequins , cornely , sponge stitch, carpet stitch and many others.

Laser embroidery: Laser etchings and laser washing

The Laser embroidery, properly calibrated, can reproduce personalized designs or patterns; engraving them on leather, denim, synthetic and natural fabrics. It can also be used to age garments that require such work as jeans.

Examples and laser embroidery samples

We are always looking for innovative materials and processing techniques, to always give our customers something new. Our embroidery samples are rich in examples of laser processing , and we will be happy to arrange a meeting at your location, so that you can view the samples and submit various solutions to your embroidery ideas . Here the contact form .

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