Maternity Dresses for Brides

The big day is coming and you have to choose a wedding dress? The choice of the model, among the many available, will have to be made taking into account your physical characteristics, to ensure that your most beautiful day sees you as absolute and beautiful protagonists.

If you have a few extra pounds you can choose models that can hide the handles of the top, highlighting the upper part of your body instead. Indeed, the most successful fashion designers in the world of fashion have created models of wedding dresses that can make any woman the undisputed princess of her special day.

If you are pregnant and you are looking for a dress that can mask the inevitable bacon of the first months of pregnancy, you can also find your ideal solution in the wide selection of wedding dresses proposals. We abandon the idea of ​​wearing mermaid dresses, those that wrap the whole body, so as not to feel uncomfortable and instead focus on a dress that moves attention to the upper part of the body. The maternity dress may have a bodice embellished with the addition of elegant accessories, such as rhinestones, small bows or charming pearls or lace decorations, and then ending with a wide and flared skirt.

The skirt can also include double layers, so as to create a micro drape that helps to cover and hide the belly. The wide and heart-shaped or V-shaped neckline is particularly indicated to give airiness to the bust and a particular impetus to the neck. The length of the dress will follow the personal tastes of the bride. If your ankles are thin you can also opt for a 50s style wedding dress, with a wheeled gonna that comes mid-calf. Finally, as far as fabrics are concerned, we can consider all those light fabrics that fall gently along the body.

The recommended shades are pink, champagne, dove gray and ivory, which together with pastel shades are excellent alternatives to the classic white dress. Finally, particular attention should be paid to the choice of shoes. If you don’t want to give up a high shoe, prefer the plateau instead of the characteristic stiletto heels that would end up causing you discomfort during the whole day. Alternatively, even a pair of ballerinas or low sandals will be fine, to be chosen in the shades that are best used for your outfit.

The proposals of the wedding dress studios for maternity wear are really many and each brand has, within its collections, a rich selection of models, fabrics, and colors that can give your day a wonderful frame.

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