How To Print Your Logo On Pens

Among the most sought-after promotional items to be used as a corporate gift are personalized pens . One of the most distributed products in events, fairs or other cooperative meetings. They are ideal for size and practicality and are used daily by each person.

1 Define the occasion: If you are thinking about making custom pens, we advise you to define first where and how you want to distribute them. Depending on the occasion, you can opt for the model that suits you best.

2 Choose the model: On you will find different models that you can choose and try by uploading your logo before proceeding with the creation. From the ever-present “pixel matt” to the design of the “pure” model, several models are available that are perfect for every need.

3 Think about color: Once you have selected the type of pen to customize, you can then switch to choosing the color that best matches your logo. You can opt for the basic colors (white, black or blue) if you prefer a more classic choice, otherwise you can select brighter and brighter colors to look for a more creative look.


4 Select the quantity: The personalized pens online are available in 50 units. If you’ve already thought about how and where you want to use them, also think how many people you want to reach. Remember that the best unit price depends on the quantity selected.

5 Creation begins: You can start uploading your logo on the model of pens you selected. Upload a file, preferably with good resolution, in order to get the maximum print yield. Thanks to our online edition program you will see a preview of your personalized pen with your logo.

6 Adjust your logo: If during loading there are things that do not convince you, we advise you to make changes to your logo in order to get the best image for your pens. First of all remove the superfluous data, if your logo has small details, you will not see them for the print area.

7 Remember that: More than 90% of people use their right hands to write, so take them into account when deciding on which side to print your logo.

Also consider that the logo should always address the person who is writing. In fact, a very common mistake is to place the logo in reverse, towards the person who is watching us. Check the position of your corporate image well before proceeding with the creation. ”


8 Finish your creation: After having proceeded to load your logo on the pens and checked that everything is in order you can finalize your order by entering your data and choosing the type of sending. Your logo will be checked by our graphics team who will check the details of your image before starting production. Now you just have to wait to receive your personalized pens and start your promotional marketing campaigns!

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