Do The Jeans Hem, All The Tips For A Perfect Job

Shortening the hem of jeans while maintaining the original seems a foregone conclusion by all; despite appearances, however, it is a work that is not at all simple. This tailoring operation , in fact, is divided into a series of rather difficult passages , which require a certain skill, but above all they require competence and great love for sewing.

Therefore, taking advantage of what has just been stated, if you have a good dose of patience and decide to abandon the art of improvisation, the creation of the edge of the jeans with your own hands using the original one can really be an activity. Satisfactory and proof of compliment. The reason is simply given by the fact that, if the work is performed in a workmanlike manner, the seam will be really invisible even for the most critical and careful eyes. In any case, to obtain this result it is necessary to scrupulously follow the indications that we will take care of providing below.

A warning is a must especially for those who are beginners: it is always possible to incur a small failure; in fact it is not certain that the hem will succeed perfectly in the very first attempt. However, a disappointing first result must not become a problem or a reason to give up. We must instead continue with the practice, investing our time in applying ourselves consistently.

In doing so the results will reach 100%. Before moving on totry jeans , anyone who wants to train themselves to shorten trousers keeping the original hem can do it with a lighter fabric, such as linen and cotton. The operation will be much easier.

How To Make Jeans Hem: Small Tricks Not To Be Overlooked

First of all, to shorten the jeans keeping the original hem it is necessary to follow small and cunning precautions . One of many is to pay close attention to the needle and thread to be used for the jeans fabric. In this regard the ideal thread is the one in silk n ° 30/50, more than suitable also the cotton thread n ° 40/50 and the synthetic thread n ° 40/50; as for the recommended needles, instead, the numbers to keep in mind are 14/90 and 16/100. To specify that for this type of operation the choice of colorof the thread is not at all important, since the seam will be invisible to the outside.

In any case, if you really want to achieve perfection, you can choose the thread of the nuance closest to the color of the jeans from the inside, or the shade of the reverse. It’s not over yet. Another forethought, apparently obvious but never to be underestimated, concerns the thread in the sewing machine. For this purpose there is an operation that we must not forget to perform: mount the same wire both in the sewing machine and in the bobbin. A precaution before starting work: if jeans are brand new it is important to wash and iron them .

Tools of the trade and step of the operation

The first step to shorten the jeans by reassembling the original hem is to equip yourself with all the work tools necessary for the operation to succeed. We must therefore procure: an iron, a suitable thread and needle, a pair of scissors, a standard foot to be mounted in the sewing machine, one or two colored chalks, a tape measure or a chalk line, of pins. Once you get the tools of the trade, it will be good to wear jeans, then the lapel will have to be made: the latter must be inside the leg and not outside. Once the lapel is done, on the front it will be necessary to mark with the chalkthe exact length to which the fabric of the jeans at the completion of the hem must reach.

Subsequently it will be necessary to proceed to measure the height of the original edge, therefore to bring back this same measure under the sign traced previously with the chalk. At this point it will be necessary to match the seam of the hem with the sign executed with the chalk, without forgetting that the direction to follow is straight with right. This operation must be performed by carefully folding the bottom leg.

To do it in the best way it will be necessary to fix the edge with the help of pins. After planningthe Sewing Machine for the execution of a slightly long stitch and after having assembled the standard foot we will proceed to position the jeans remaining very close to the original edge. At this point you can begin to start the sewing operation .

Once this operation is finished, you will have to wear the jeans in front of a mirror again. Only in this way will it be possible to ascertain whether the hem has succeeded in a workmanlike manner or not. In the case where the jeans have been perfectly shortened and the hem has been fitted exactly as it was originally, hand-held scissors must proceed to cut the excess fabric .

Once the latter has been eliminated, the tailoring operation must be completed by ironingthe fabric to perfection; to do this it will be necessary to give some strength to the iron: only by adopting this small trick will the edge be optimally flattened .

How to proceed with the second leg

The second leg must be shortened and reassembled. Of course this time it will not be necessary to carry out all the steps put into practice for the first leg: it will also be necessary to treasure the work done . Therefore to make the hem of the second leg it will first of all be necessary to put the jeans on the backside , after which the first leg must be aligned , that is the shortened one, above the second, then we will proceed to mark the exact point where the second hem with the help of chalk. From this moment on, the steps will be followed exactly

previously seen for the shortened leg. After sewing the second hem also, the jeans will be put on again, so, if all the operations are successful, the entire work of tailoring will be completed by proceeding to cut the excess fabric, then the head will be stretched following the previous procedures.

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