Direct Textile Printing? Welcome To the 21st Century!

Is direct printing one of the biggest innovations in textile printing in recent decades? No doubt!

The title says literally everything, because Direct Textile Printing has indeed brought the printing of t-shirts to a new level! We are in the presence of one of the biggest innovations in terms of textile printing in recent decades and Embroidery-Gulf was a pioneer, in the usual way, in the implementation of this new personalization technique in United Arab Emirates l!

We used to say that for us direct textile printing would clearly be the future of stamping, but the reality is that over the years this statement has changed and today we can say with certainty that it is the present and that it clearly came to stay !

Just to get an idea of ​​how important it is, did you know that about 25% of all the materials we produce are made through direct Screen printing in Dubai? It is clear the space that it has been conquering, as well as its acceptance in an increasingly widespread manner by the market and by our customers, of course.

But as we mentioned in previous articles, there is nothing like watching live and in color, so here it is:

What are the main advantages of direct textile printing? We will answer.

Direct textile printing is currently on the same level as screen printing with regard to the quality of the final product. The reliability of the colors is increasing, allowing to carry out increasingly complex works in terms of detail and which require colors very close to the original.

It is perfect for unit work or for the production of small quantities, without any kind of limit in terms of colors, allowing reproducing illustrations with thousands of shades, without using any type of plastics and / or rectangles glued to the piece.

Because it uses mostly water-based inks, it is also a much more ecological technique and form of printing than the other options on the market, allowing the final product to have very little, if any, friction to the touch. The same means that the thick and uncomfortable layers of paint from the past disappear!

And to conclude and not least, the average durability of a job in direct textile printing today is enormous, reaching as many as dozens, if not hundreds of washes!

1) What is the minimum number of direct printing production?

In practice, there is no minimum number in terms of production, and you can make up to a single piece. Anyway, and considering that the prices are considerably lower depending on the quantity to be ordered, selecting only a single item is clearly not the most advantageous financial option.

Our recommendation is that you always choose to produce a minimum of five pieces of each image. In any case, you can always consult our price lists to get a better idea of ​​the prices practiced, as well as asking us for a personalized quote, which we will be happy to answer.

2) When should I use Direct Print?

Direct textile printing is great for images with lots of colors. We are mainly talking about illustrations, photo reproductions, or simply work with a very high level of detail and detail, which need quality and durability to match.

In fact, it is even complicated to name all the situations in which direct textile printing can be used, since it is practically transversal to all situations. It is a truly fantastic and ultra versatile printing method!

3) How much does it cost to work in direct printing?

There are several factors that need to be taken into account, such as the number of pieces to produce, the color of the pieces, number and size of the prints, etc., so our suggestion is to even ask for a quote through our form in order to give answer the most adapted to your real needs.

Once again, we are well aware that we are suspected by default, but what does it tell us to experience the quality of our work? We are waiting for your contact. Let’s work together! At Embroidery-Gulf                          

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