How to choose custom running shirts for screen printing

Running is fashionable and has great benefits, both physical and psychological. People who run are less prone to depression and are more active and motivated to deal with day-to-day problems.

In cold weather, you need a winter running shirt that is of sufficient quality to make us feel comfortable and comfortable, and the same is true in hot weather. And if we belong to a group or our intention is to run in a solidarity event, running shirts for clubs become an excellent option that will allow us to develop a team spirit and fight for the best times. Before choosing your running shirts, we recommend that you follow the following tips:

I need t-shirts to run in the cold: which fabrics are better?

To run for a long time, especially in winter, you need a shirt that is as comfortable as possible. Cotton is a fabric that retains moisture and heat, and other materials such as nylon or lycra can cause discomfort when rubbed and tend to stick to the skin with sweat. This can be very harmful to your health, as cold sweat or running in the rain causes unwanted colds.

On the other hand, polyester t-shirts are perfect for prolonged exercise. For example, one of the most popular long-sleeved T-shirt, Silk Screen Printing, made of polyester and with a weight of 153 gr / m 2 , seamless ribbed collar and heat transfer label. Plus, it has breath ability and antimicrobial properties , and double-needle bottom hem and sleeve hem.

If you need a running kit that protects you in extreme cold conditions, we recommend accompanying your shirt with special thermal tights to maintain body heat and isolate the body from sudden changes in temperature.

To run with heat, always choose a technical shirt

T-shirts made entirely of polyester are very suitable for leaving skin dry and eliminating the microbial properties contained in a runner’s sweat. In this sense, there are customized technical running shirts that offer excellent results and their main virtue is that they are very light. At Embroidery Gulf we offer you, with a weight of 140 gr / m 2 . Its fabric is breathable, easy to wash and dry, and is made of polyester, with side seams.

We always recommend customizing technical shirts with screen printing, as the ink grips much more easily.

Customize running shirts for kids and parents

Not all shirts are suitable for all audiences. There are running shirts for Silk Screen Printing in Dubai for adults and children, Likewise, minors who belong to a sports club can also opt for running shirts for clubs, with characteristics that adapt to group sports, in addition to having excellent performance in terms of durability.

In any case, and regardless of our physical conditions, the reason that drives us to run and the time of year in which we are, it is best to contact professionals in order to answer questions and get the most appropriate personalized shirts to our nee

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