How To Print Images On Fabric Using Your Own Printer – DIY

How to print on the fabric without professional equipment, but only with your own printer: two quick and easy methods!

Finally, even those without great embroidery skills will be able to indulge in the creation of personalized fabric objects. In fact, in just a few steps it is possible to print on fabric everything you want and perhaps revive objects that are no longer used. You can use two different methods, depending on the object you want to print. Here they are:

Direct printing

· What you need :

· A4 thin cardboard

· Iron

· Glue stick

· Scissors

· Pc

· Your own inkjet printer

How to do :



To start, take the cardboard and apply a layer of glue stick on the edges to form a sort of frame. Before printing, it is good practice to wash the fabric.

Then place the chosen piece of fabric on the cardboard, making them adhere well and being careful to avoid the formation of folds.

Use scissors to remove any frayed fabric on the edges, which may protrude from the cardboard and damage the printer in the next step.

Turn on your PC and choose the image, photo or writing you want to print. It can be a

souvenir photo of the holidays, an image found on the internet, the emblem of one’s favorite team or an inscription, maybe a dedication on a napkin for a special dinner … freeing one’s imagination at this stage is absolutely necessary for success of the project!

It is also important to take into account the colors of the fabric in the choice, so as to avoid colors that would hardly stand out, confusing the image, and those that highlight it and make it clear.

Insert the card and the fabric that have been joined inside the printer, and proceed with the printing with the usual methods used with your model.

Once the printing phase is finished, gently remove the fabric from the cardboard, taking care not to damage the design.

With the help of an iron, iron the fabric in order to stretch it and being particularly attentive to the contours of the printed image.

Print with transfer sheet

What you need :

· Laser printer

· Iron

· Pc

· Baking paper

· Transfer card (usually available online or in specialized DIY stores)

How to do :

Choose printing using the guidelines listed in the previous method.

Proceed to print on the transfer paper, on the transparent side.

Heat the iron to the power of 200 °, stretch the fabric to avoid the formation of bubbles and wrinkles on a preferably hard and smooth surface and place the printed part in contact with the fabric. Hold down the iron for 12/15 seconds for each area adherent to the iron.

Make sure that the entire area to be transferred has been uniformly heated, wait for the sheet and the fabric to cool, then remove the support with a slow movement and at one time starting from a corner, trying to avoid tearing the support when peeling .

The image obtained will tend to be glossy, if you want it more opaque you need to go over the image with the iron for another 10/12 seconds, applying a sheet of baking paper between the image and the iron. remove when still hot. In addition, this procedure allows for better fabric washability.

Post-press tips

Wash the garments in reverse in the washing machine at a maximum temperature of 40 ° C, do not use the dryer, then iron the garment inside out.

To revitalize the color brilliance of the printed image, you can iron it again, always covering it with baking paper, passing with the iron for a few seconds and removing the baking paper when it is still hot.

One last tip: remember that all the prints, especially the writings, are to be printed upside down so that they appear in the right direction on the fabric!

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