T-shirt screen printing: screen printing or direct printing?

Seeing a drawing and immediately thinking how good it would look on a custom shirt is very common. And why not carry it out? Once you have made up your mind then the first doubt arises. Which printing technique is more convenient to use? Screen printing or direct or digital printing? Knowing what technique each of them is made with and what their differences are, as well as their pros and cons, is essential to obtain a personalized shirt with the maximum guarantees and according to your tastes and needs. T-shirt screen printing has more than one secret and knowing them will allow us to make the best decision.

Traditional t-shirt screen printing or screen printing

It is the traditional and the simplest method. T-shirt screen printing consists of using plates that, when pressed on the fabric, transfer the color. This means that if the drawing to be printed has six colors, six different plates will be needed to screen print the personalized shirt. Therefore, it is not the most suitable method for full color designs, such as photographs.

One of the advantages of T-shirt screen printing is that it is an excellent technique for medium and long runs. In addition, it has excellent resistance to washing and personalized t-shirts are very pleasant to the touch. As disadvantages, if we want to print on a dark fabric, we must use the previous white base so that the results are as expected and the personalized shirt has the highest quality.

Direct printing or digital printing

It is a more modern technique. With it, the printing goes directly to the fabric by specialized printers, which increases the cost, but offers an optimal quality . If we want to reproduce an image in detail or photographs, this is the printing technique that suits us, but we will have to assume the inconvenience that a somewhat higher cost may entail in the face of a longer production process, so it is ideal for short runs.

Another advantage that this technique offers is the infinite variety of colors that can be reproduced on cotton or polyester fabrics, and the detail that the images acquire, which can admit shades and gradients. Designs will not peel off the fabric over time. And although the white color cannot be reproduced today, there are alternatives that allow to solve this small inconvenience.

White t-shirt personalized with the digital textile printing technique with a drawing of three ladybugs perched on a plant

In t-shirt Screen printing in Dubai, you have to opt for a traditional technique, such as direct printing, or a more advanced one, such as digital printing. Both have their pros and cons, so when deciding on one of them we must take into account aspects such as the design that we want to capture on our personalized shirt or transfer shirt, the number of garments that we will need , the degree of detail or the number of colors that we want, the budget that we can assume or the time we have until receiving the order. Consulting professionals with questions is always an excellent option.




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