5 Tips On Customizing T-Shirts For Children From 0 To 24 Months

Making children’s clothing is wonderful. With them you can indulge yourself and let your imagination work: risky colors, wonderful images and prints that could never be used for an adult can be used. With children it is much easier to customize t-shirts , because they do not have the same clothing needs as adults. However, this does not mean that a company can afford to customize the t-shirts dedicated to children from 0 to 24 months without criteria. Here are some tips that we at embroidery-gulf.com give you to make the best decisions.

Think also of parents

If it is a very small child, aged between 6 and 6 months, one of the evergreens that never disappoint only the sentences that include parents . “Dad’s hero / heroine”, “Mom’s prince / princess”, “I’m a Jedi as dad”, are just some of the standard phrases that are always the most popular. Remember that such small children do not decide on t-shirts, but their parents will do it: and getting them involved in prints is the best thing to get their attention.

1980s animated cartoons

Use cartoons for children over the age of one year. But not only those of 2019, which watch children today. Think also of the classics of the 80s: Sailor Moon, Batman, Spider Man, Lady Oscar, Ken Shiro . Their parents grew up with these cartoons: and if at 40 they can’t go around with the Mazinga t-shirt anymore, that doesn’t mean their child can’t go there.

Simplicity for newborns

As for children between the ages of 0 and 12 months, do not overdo the elaborate prints and the articulated drawings. Remember that the portion of fabric is very small, therefore more suitable for simple images. Animals, flowers, planets: try not to make it too complicated, there will be time for the imagination!

Choice of colors

Try to use soft and pastel colors for the t-shirts of children from 0 to 1 year, exaggerate a little more with the larger ones. Especially in the case of newborns it is very rare to see fluorescent shades or overly striking prints: the parents, in fact, prefer light colors like pink, light blue, yellow, green.

Draw from the classics of culture

Think of sentences and drawings that are culturally suitable for children to personalize their t-shirts, because they will surely be appreciated by parents.

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