Custom T-Shirt Logo: How To Choose The Right Size


If there is one thing that is often underestimated, it is the size of the logo to print on your personalized t-shirt. In reality this is a very important factor for a company, an organization or someone who wants to sponsor an event. Let’s get to know the secrets to understand what size fits the logo for a personalized t-shirt .

Eye to the purpose of your business!

First factor to consider: the purpose your company wants to achieve. If the t-shirts are to be used as work clothes, there are two options: o let the T-Shirt Be Printed with billboard effect, or with a small logo on the chest (top left), visible at short distance . The first case is suitable if the purpose of the company is that the t-shirts are seen from afar. Then it is good to maximize the print space for your logo (35x38cm). You can add a web address or phone number, so as to communicate as much information as possible to your potential customers. The second case, on the other hand, is well suited to companies whose staff works closely with the public (for example, if you have a bar or restaurant). Or, if you prefer, you can also opt for a mix between the two choices.

Pay attention to the size of the logo

Maximizing printing is a great idea, but not if your company name is particularly long or if you have to enter a lot of text. In this case the writing could end up on the sides of the t-shirt and be hidden by the arm , which would make it difficult to communicate with customers.


Women’s T-shirt

Another thing to consider is whether the t-shirt to be printed is a women’s model. In this case, given the smaller size, maximizing the logo is not always effective because it could deform on the chest . The dimensions to keep in mind? 22cm in front and 27cm in the back.

What if I have to print a lot of t-shirts?

If you have to print many t-shirts of different sizes, do not use different sizes for the logo . It is best to use the maximum print size for the smallest t-shirt in order to have a uniform pattern for everyone.

Do-it-yourself control

Do you want to be sure that the size chosen for the logo is the right one? Measure the print with a ruler and check the size on a medium-sized t-shirt . Alternatively, you can also cut a piece of paper and place it on the shirt.

Take an example

Take an example from other companies: look at the logo printed on their t-shirts, and you will have a better idea of ​​the final result here –

When the logos are so many

In the case of events or demonstrations, it is not uncommon to see t-shirts with various logos of different sponsors printed on the back . In these cases it is good not to use too elaborate designs, and to use the perfect print size for the smaller t-shirt. Otherwise the risk is that they will be clearly visible on the big sizes, but not very effective on the small ones. To save money? Print the logos of the sponsors in 1 print color, they are many and usually have a reduced size, better to simplify..

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