Different Screen Printing Techniques Used For Polo & T Shirts

Different printing methods are used for printing on polo shirts and other textiles. When it comes to serving larger orders, from 50 orders with the same motif, the classic technique of screen printing is usually used for textile printing. With screen printing, an extra film is created for each color. Since this process enables particularly complex motifs with a large number of colors, interlocking colors and on different textile substrates, screen printing offers the best and most diverse options, especially for large, multi-colored motifs.

This can also be used to apply large images, logos with lettering and more in high quality. The preparation for this printing process is more complex than with other techniques due to the production of the individual films, but the results are particularly brilliant. If you use this technique to print, you will get very bright colors, an excellent print depth and the prints are extremely hard-wearing.

The motif possibilities in screen printing are so good unlimited if you have your desired polo shirts printed in this way. Especially if you would like to have a large number of goods printed here, for example with a company logo for an assortment of company clothing, the club logo for a larger number of club clothing or another production of a logo or image in multiple versions, you are well advised to use this method . Polo shirts are particularly popular as sports and casual wear. If you also have them individually printed or embroidered, these polo shirts will be particularly well received.

You can of course design the motifs for your Screen printing in Dubai just as individually as for all other printing processes. It can be motifs that you design individually, but you can also choose from ready-made motifs of pictures and labels. In either case, the print will be high quality and very good quality. After all, polo shirts as sports and casual wear have to withstand a lot and the beautiful prints should still shine even after several washes. Of course, all other textile printing processes are also available for your wishes to have polo shirts printed. Instead of textile printing, you can also choose to order polo shirts individually with embroidery or an embroidered logo.


Here, too, there are no limits to your creativity for pretty embroidery. You are also free to choose your motifs and your own design options for your designs. Regardless of whether you have it printed or embroidered, there is a large selection of techniques available for all variants to have your clothing refined with beautiful prints or embroidery. You will receive a favorable discount if you order polo shirts, t-shirts or other items of clothing from 20 pieces.

The manufacturers of such prints guarantee that you will receive a good service, is also available with fast manufacture and delivery. It is therefore worthwhile to have polo shirts, t-shirts and more individually manufactured and to buy them. It’s best to order individual polo shirts and other clothing right away. You not only acquire clothing that is very special and individual, but also quality that is always impressive.

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