How to choose a Medical Uniform. Definitive guide

Before choosing your medical uniform, you must take into account a series of characteristics and tips so that you can decide how yours should be.

How do I know which uniform will fit me perfectly if I buy it online? What size should I choose? What types of scrubs are there? What is the best fit for my job? We have prepared this definitive guide to solve all the doubts you may have in this regard:

Before choosing your sanitary uniform, you must take into account a series of characteristics and tips so that you can decide how yours should be.

Types of medical uniforms:

The first thing you have to bear in mind is that depending on your workplace and the work you are going to do, you will need one uniform or another. Think that, in the field of health, there are endless possibilities and each job is different within the hospital or health facility where you work.

We have listed the different types of scrubs below:

–  Jackets: to select the perfect sanitary jacket, the first thing we have to do is look at its composition and its fabric (cotton, vegetable fiber and / or spandex) because it is important that it does not radiate microorganisms, is resistant to chemical substances and do not produce static electricity. These compounds make them resistant to washing and are usually green, although there are varieties of colors.

Within our sanitary clothing section, you will find jackets of different types according to the pattern, sleeves, neck and opening that suits you best.

  • Pants: sanitary pants share characteristics with the jacket. In this way the uniform is completely unified. Normally, there is the option of wearing only the jacket without the pants, but the opposite is not the case.
  • Sanitary pajamas: it is the set of sanitary jacket and pants. Maybe, in your case, you need both clothes and buying them at the same time is a good way to find what you are looking for at a somewhat cheaper price. Remember to take a good look at the composition and select the color that suits you.
  • Sanitary gowns: this is the main garment within the health sector. Doctors, doctors, surgeons, patients, nurses, pharmacists etc. They use this garment daily that serves to protect you from external factors, prevent your clothes from staining and even differentiate between professions by color and composition.
  • Sanitary footwear: One of the most important parts of your sanitary work wardrobe is the footwear. Since, normally, many hours of work are spent standing or from one place to another, it is necessary to choose it well.

Your footwear should be comfortable, easy to clean and disinfect. There are even disposables to guarantee hygiene 100% effectively.


From there, you can select to your liking between closed or open sanitary shoes, sanitary clogs. In addition, you can look for options to personalize them, with different prints and colors to give a more personal touch to your uniform.

– Hats and sanitary masks: another essential in this sector, it is usually a disposable item due to hygiene. Even so, there are different options for you to choose the one that generates the greatest comfort. You have to choose different colors, patterns, sizes and type of grip.

Measurements and sizes for your medical Uniform Printing in UAE

Maybe, if you are not used to it, the idea of ​​buying your work clothes online will generate doubts because you do not have the possibility that a physical store offers you when trying everything in front of the mirror.

But you will see that this is not a problem! We are going to give you the keys so that you know which medical uniform will be perfect for you and you can buy it comfortably from home or from work in a fast, easy and comfortable way. No need to go anywhere and waste time.

To make sure you find what best suits your body, start by knowing your measurements. To do this, you only need a flexible tape measure.

Take your measurements

  • Bust: pass the tape measure across the fullest part of the chest, stick it to your body and keep in mind that it is aligned on your back.
  • Waist: measure just around the waist, between the side and the hips. You have to pay attention to having a straight position. Unlike the bust, look at the narrowest point with a relaxed abdomen and normal breathing.
  • Hip: this action is measured while standing, at the height of the buttocks. Again, at the widest point and keeping the tape horizontal.
  • Legs: measure along your leg. From the inside to an inch below your ankle.

Once this is done, write down your measurements and look at the size chart of the model you want to buy. For example, if you like your clothes to be a little baggy measure and compare the size chart to see which option to choose. If you like more tight fitting clothes, choose your actual size based on your own measurements.

Keys to be sure of choosing the best medical uniform:

Once you know the different types of uniforms and you are clear about the size you need, do not forget that any of the garments that you are going to acquire meet the following characteristics:


It should be comfortable enough for you to move around easily, so zip and button stretch garments are a good option.

Easy care:

It is essential that the fabric is resistant and of quality. This will facilitate your day to day when ironing it or removing stains without having to pay attention to extra care.

Color according to your job position:

It is an important factor that you must also take into account, depending on the professional activity you perform. For example, doctors use green or blue pajamas in the operating room and the white coat in consultation.

In summary, sanitary workwear is an essential element for professionals in this sector, so choosing the right Medical scrubs manufacturer will give you the option of providing safety and well-being to you and your environment.

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