How To Create A Start-Up With Personalized T-Shirts

Nowadays there are many people – especially among the millennials – who are successfully starting up start-ups in the most varied sectors. Many of them have decided to leave a stable and secure job by throwing themselves into this new and exciting adventure. Many are thinking about it. Jumps in the void frighten everyone, but there is a way to start a business and focus on a secure source of income . What are we talking about? Of the timeless t-shirts of course. Here’s how to launch a start-up and at the same time monetize a small capital to better manage the fledgling company.

Set the target

The first thing to keep in mind, if you want to create custom t-shirts , is that they can’t fit everyone. Define your target audience and think about your t-shirts specifically for this . Do you want to bet on the very young? Opt for a print or a phrase that catches their attention. Is your goal a professional category? Try to find out what could attract them and get them to buy your t-shirt.

Perfect design

Carefully decide on the design of your t-shirt. This doesn’t have to be too complicated or sophisticated: often the winning choices are also the simplest ones.

Ask friends

After making a draft of your t-shirt design, always ask a friend for advice to get an outside opinion on the work done . Better yet: ask people who are within your target audience. If you decide to solicit an opinion on social media, make sure that your image cannot be copied.

Attentive to copyright

Likewise, be careful that you are not copying the image, motto or design of another company. Given the proliferation of start-ups in the world, it is likely that the same ideas come to mind to more people. In a nutshell: watch out for copyright!

Virtuous relationship with those involved in the press

Establish a good relationship with the company that will print your t-shirts . Informed about its selling prices, the amount of shirts you can personalize but, above all, check well what kind of materials you use in your work. Good fabric and print quality are the key to the success of a t-shirt : because if the second wash the print fades, it is not a good advertisement for your start up.

Printing cost

Pay attention to the cost of t-shirt printing: this depends on several factors, but there are some things you can save on. Often the price depends on the quantity of printed t-shirts and the number of colors used : by increasing the items required and simplifying the shades to be used, your pockets will be less light.

Start selling

Based on the target identified, choose where to sell your t-shirts. Whether through Instagram, Facebook, city center shops or Saturday morning markets. In short, start to monetize!

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