How To Print T-Shirts With A Vintage Effect

The vintage has come back into fashion, and could prove to be a successful solution for work clothes. The look is indeed very important to capture the attention of the customers, and we advise you to make the most of its potential to improve the image of your company. Are you thinking of retro-inspired uniforms for your employees? We will explain how to print Vintage-Effect T-Shirts.

Choose the right ink and method

To get a nice vintage effect on your t-shirts bet on water-based inks . In fact, this material penetrates the fibers and does not just stick to the surface, leaving a softer coat than Plastisol. Alternatively, you can choose unload printing. In this technique the drawing is created by subtraction: this means that an image is printed on the already dyed fabric, while the decolourant removes the background color only in the printed part.

Choose tri-blend or 50/50 mixed fabric

In addition to printing, it is important to choose the most suitable fabric to obtain an authentic vintage effect. We recommend the tri-blend , that is, a mixture of 3 different fibers, usually 50% polyester, 25% cotton and 25% Rayon. This particular blend makes the fabric extremely soft and comfortable, and has the peculiarity of not completely absorbing the color during dyeing. In this way, it is perfect for the partially faded effect that you have long dreamed of. Alternatively, you can choose a mixed 50/50 tea, which in principle has the same properties as the tri-blend but is potentially more economical.

If you choose cotton, opt for a textured design

If you are obliged to print on 100% cotton fabrics, know that the colors will adhere perfectly, and will not show that faded effect you might have on mixed fabrics instead. If you don’t want to give up the vintage style, you can still complete your t-shirts with a textured design . This particular technique makes it possible to give specific characteristics to the continuous threads of the fabrics: you can give them bulkiness, elasticity or change their structure. In any case, you will decide the extent of the changes based on your needs.

 Choose evergreen designs or writings

Equally important is the choice of designs that you decide to put on your vintage-effect t-shirts. Opt for classic subjects or those that recall past atmospheres, clearly avoiding futuristic logos and abstract designs. If you simply want to write the name of your brand, it is essential to choose the right font. We advise you to use thin or italic fonts. Instead, choose block letters and flashy fonts, to be filled with colors and shades.

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