The secret of print professionals: everything you need to know before you start working with Personalized T-Shirts

Exclusive and authentic products are trends that never go out of style. This is one of the main reasons why the stamping business has been an attractive option for those looking to undertake something profitable and versatile.

To be able to start in the business, especially when it comes to clothing, it is of fundamental importance not to make mistakes when choosing the T-shirt printing machine

Invest time in this aspect and keep in mind, even before starting a search for prices, models or brands of equipment, what will be the type of shirt and what the daily volume you intend to produce.

Having answered these questions, try to understand better about the stamping techniques, as they will guarantee excellence and quality in the final result consistent with the product you will present to the market.

With all the aspects clear, you will be provided with enough information to know which is the ideal equipment for your business.

Here are tips from entrepreneur Marco Lang on choosing the fabric, stamping technique and machines.

T-shirt types

Having the right and most functional equipment is still not the complete guarantee that you will have a quality final product. This point also depends a lot on the type of material that you will print, as in the case of t-shirts, and also the printing technique that you will perform.

Taking into account the quality of the fabric is so important because it interferes both in the aesthetics of the shirt, as well as in the feeling of comfort and softness provided when going to wear it.

Still in relation to the type of fabric, keep in mind what the purpose of the t-shirt you are going to print – for promotional, fashion, clothing purposes – will be, as this is another determining factor for your choice of material.

In the market there is a wide range of fabric options: with synthetic, natural or mixed fibers, and in this case it is also important to observe the thickness of the thread: the quality increases as its thickness decreases, like the 30.1 thread.

The polyester mesh is the most suitable if you use the sublimation technique for printing, while, for other cases, other types of fabrics are suggested.

Stamping technique used

The main stamping techniques for customizing T-shirts are: sublimation, silk-screen printing and direct digital stamping.


It is considered the most popular technique and continues to expand, as it allows the customization of items other than t-shirts and clothing, as it can also be applied to decorative objects, slippers, mugs, cell phone cases, etc.

Sublimation is often the starting point for those who wish to undertake and are at the beginning of their business, as it allows them to work at home and start with a relatively low investment to buy the T-shirt printing machine.

In sublimation there are no color limits, but the type and quality of the fabric interfere a lot for the print to be vivid and shiny. It is important to note that dark or colored t-shirts are not recommended for the sublimation process, unless a complementary technique is applied. Because of this, give preference to white and light fabrics, because the printers do not print white ink.

Polyester is the recommended fabric for applying sublimation, it is important to choose the fabric with at least 80% of this composition so as not to compromise the quality and durability of the print. Cotton shirts are not the most ideal for this process.


Used for centuries, screen printing is very widespread for printing textile materials. In this process, printing is performed with the aid of a squeegee, which leaks the ink through a well-stretched nylon or polyester matrix.

In the case of this technique, a disadvantage is the impracticality of short runs, since the process of recording matrices and setup ends up making the product more expensive in the case of a small amount of T-shirts.

Direct digital printing (DTG)

DTG (direct digital printing) is synonymous with speed and practicality, as it does not require the manufacture of dies as in screen printing, as its process consists of an inkjet applied directly to the fabric or fabric. DTG allows you to work with ready-made t-shirts, already sewn, as the ink is water-based, being easily absorbed by the fabric.

Providing richness in details and high resolution, the print can be applied to a single product at a time, with an infinity of colors. This is precisely one of the benefits of this technique, which can meet small demands or even just one piece, serving an increasingly demanding market in terms of exclusivity.

A DTG T-shirt printing machine may be the best choice for entrepreneurs with more financial resources available.

Your Stamping Machine T-Shirt

Knowing the profile of the customers and the market you want to reach is the clearest information you should have before selecting which equipment you are going to invest. There is a big difference if your intention is to sell promotional Custom T-shirts label printing in Dubai, which require a long run, as opposed to those who want something personalized exclusively.

In this case, for example, not only will the machinery be different, but also the stamping process that you will determine.

Even if it is not your intention at the moment, also take into consideration whether the machine allows the attachment of accessories to stamp other materials, because that way, later on you will already have everything in hand if you want to expand your product line.

Do a lot of research before you invest in your business. Not only in relation to equipment, but also take the time to understand the job market, your niche of customers, the techniques that can be explored and what products to then think about the ideal machine for your business.

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