Tips to create your Christmas T-shirt Embroidery

The Christmas spirit permeates everything on these dates and more and more people decide not only to decorate their home, but also to opt for personalized T-shirt Embroidery with Christmas motifs and messages. These garments are perfect to make an original gift to family or friends, or to wear them on the most important dates and bring a touch of humor to any meeting.

Can you imagine the surprised face that your loved ones would put on when they discover that that funny personalized shirt is their gift or when they see you show up wearing it to that family dinner? In some parts of the world, it is a tradition to wear this type of garment with Christmas motifs and the whole family wears them without complexes on the most important dates.

Tips for designing your own Christmas t-shirts

Classic promotional personalized t-shirts: nothing better than a snowman, a Santa Claus, some Christmas balls with mistletoe, borders, stars or a Christmas tree to personalize a garment with classic Christmas motifs.

Commitment animals: any animal with a Santa hat is fun, but do not forget that one  must it of Christmas are the reindeer and penguins . A man with a very cute personalized t-shirt is sure to become the center of all female glances.

Most used colors: white, red and green, combined with black or blue details, are the most classic on these dates, because they are the ones most associated with Christmas.

Personalized advertising T-shirt Embroidery in Dubai with funny messages: the youngest can wear a personalized t-shirt with the following message: “This boy loves Christmas” and an arrow pointing to your head. Or an even bolder slogan like “Kiss me, it’s Christmas. ”

Personalized t-shirts as a disguise: if you usually dress up as Santa Claus on these Christmas dates, go for an updated version and, instead of buying a costume , order a personalized t-shirt that shows the typical red suit , with its wide buttons and width Santa Claus belt. You can do the same if you are going to dress up as a Christmas elf. You can order a personalized red T-shirt Embroidery , with a green collar and belt, and complement it with a red hat with green details.

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