3 Significances of Providing Labels In Clothes and Apparels

Embroidery-Gulf is dedicated to providing you with high-quality clothing labels, garment tags, and woven badges. There can be various reasons why you need a label – to provide washing instructions, to promote your brand, to communicate with customers, to indicate the size of garment or to create a brand identity. But, if you are in the fashion industry, you cannot ignore the labels.

Labels have become so much synonymous with the fashion industry that sometimes we call fashion brands as fashion labels. Impressive, long lasting and detailed labels have dominated the fashion industry since years. Both printed and woven labels have been used in the fashion industry.

Every good brand will have their label placed on their garment. Let us now have a look at the significance of providing these labels –

Labels build brand value

People keep their clothes/garments with them for years. Every time they put one on, they have the opportunity to see your label. And if it is used for long (and your label doesn’t tear off), people will trust your brand. Labels, which are an overlooked detail, help in building a loyal customer base. In short, labels do the marketing for you all the time.

Labels give an edge over competitors

New fashion clothing and accessory designers or companies struggle a lot because they cannot effectively communicate with their customers. The clothing label not only carries your brand name but also provides information such as fabric content and size. Thus, it gives people a reason to remember your brand well. That’s where the competitive advantage comes in.

Labels reflect creativity of designer

Woven labels sewn with the garment, apparel, accessory, etc. come in beautiful designs. Some of them are so attractive that people cut them and retain them even after the clothes are out used. Labels reflect the creativity of the designer and hence, the creativity of the brand. By the use of creative woven labels, one can show off the designing skills of their brand.

While these three are not the only advantages associated with the use of labels in clothing, apparels and accessories, there is one more advantage that people ignore. Labels are an excellent way to accommodate logos and slogans. In short, labels are branding materials.

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