How To Choose The Perfect Color For The Personalized T-Shirt

When choosing to make custom t-shirts , it’s always exciting to decide on the logo and print. It is a creative process that cannot fail to involve people, who are giving body and material to something that was previously only in their mind. Even if it is a simple t-shirt, it cannot fail to fill with pride people who appreciate, buy and wear the t-shirt you have thought of.

Nice ideas, sometimes impractical

Sometimes you have beautiful but unfortunately impractical ideas. If you are not familiar with t-shirt creations, in fact, it could easily happen that you have an idea that is beautiful in your mind, but that in reality is then impractical. Not only with regard to prints, logos and their sizes – for which there are rules to be respected that a good screen printer always knows – but also for color combinations. Not everything you like is beautiful, and not everything you want is possible. But then, if not according to personal tastes, how do you choose which is the most suitable shade with which to make a t-shirt?

How to combine colors

First of all, let’s start with the simplest advice: always ask the professional you have consulted for advice. Thanks to his experience, in fact, he will be able to tell you what is best for you and the best color combinations according to your needs. Or, if you want to do it yourself, you can consult Itten’s color circle , which allows you to see how the combined colors are. You can do a lot of tests and create fun, original, fun and super colorful combinations. In general, for printing, it is advisable never to combine more than two colors together as a matter of simplicity: but if the design is not too complex , using the right shades can widen the range to be used.

If the t-shirt is black , the print can be of any color, even if two together. Same thing for white. If instead you opt for a shirt with a lively tone, it is advisable not to exceed with the design or the writing with which to personalize it, in order to avoid making a mess.

Another way to avoid making mistakes is to find out about the colors of fashion . Every year, every season, these change: knowing which shades are the most raised on the catwalks will guarantee the fact that you absolutely can’t miss … and your clientele will grow more.


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