How To Prepare Images For Printing On T-Shirts

Yes, it happened: the graphics on which you spent hours in front of the screen, the one you wanted to wear every day to make you envy by friends, the one of the jerseys you wanted to put on sale to start (why not?) A new business, a Once worn on a T-Shirt, it peeps out from  the grainy and sad Fabric .

How did this happen? And how not to make it ever happen again?

If the file uploaded during the order phase is properly prepared, ninety percent of the problems will not occur. But how to do it? Just follow small and simple steps that we will see together step by step to get the image to print on the shirt you want, for real.

Size matters!

A large and sharp file ensures a  large and sharp print . Simple, isn’t it?

But how do I make an image that is large enough to ensure a perfect print?

Taking his majesty as an example Photoshop (but the rules are the same for all photo editing programs or graphics) we create a new document, the following window will open:

printing on t-shirts.jpg

I gave my file the size I think it should have in reality but, above all, I set the  Pixels / Inch  (or  DPI ) to  300 .

What are Pixels / Inches or DPI?

Without going too far into technicalities and simplifying, they represent the density of dots our drawing will have in print. The higher it is, the more our dots will be and, therefore, the yield will be better. 300 DPI, learn it by heart, this value guarantees a good print resolution.

TIP: To be on the safe side, with little effort, it will be enough to select between the predefined dimensions international paper and then A3 (double of a normal photocopy sheet). Photoshop (but also applies to other programs) will set the document to work on in the most suitable dimensions for printing.

If you don’t have photo editing programs or graphics on hand, but only a nice folder full of images to print, check that the short side is  AT LEAST 1000 pixels .

It does not guarantee top-of-the-line printing, but it is a good starting point.

Background? No thanks

When we Print On T-Shirts we must take into account an important factor: the color of the fabric. Our work will not be printed on an anonymous blank sheet but on a beautiful colored shirt.

Removing the background afterward, when the file is already saved and ready, is not always easy and could compromise some details. For this it is important to work on the levels and, once the graphics are finished, select the background level and eliminate it without mercy.

Semi-transparency for the image to be printed

Before saving our file and sending it to receive our beautiful t-shirt with personalized image, we still make a small short pit-stop on the subject of shades and transparencies. If on white t-shirt we won’t have any problem,  on a colored shirt the semi-transparencies will not render  as we will see them on screen. To print on a dark fabric the machines will need to apply a layer of white previously, otherwise our design would be almost invisible. This layer of white is printed wherever there are pixels, even if they are almost transparent.

For this reason, the semi-transparencies, so beautiful and effective on our screen, might seem like just unpleasant stains once printed on a T-Shirt.

PNG is your best friend

Here we are finally at the moment so much coveted: to save the file with which to order our next boss. How to keep the transparent background in the file to send to us? Very simple:  save it in .PNG format . This format, in fact, keeps all transparencies without any problems and therefore your image will remain without background.

To recap:

GREAT file . Do it already in the dimensions that more or less think you want to get (in doubt, always bigger) and 300 pixels / inch (DPI);

No Background . We will print on beautiful colored shirts, they will be our background;

Avoid semi-transparencies . We don’t want our shirt to look smudged or stained, right?

Save in .PNG format

All that remains is to choose your next t-shirt, sweatshirt or gadget, upload your file and order. I recommend choosing the express mode, in order to receive our product in 48 hours and get involved as soon as possible with friends.

If you still have doubts about the yield of your favorite photo, your child’s design you would like to wear or the logo of your business, do not hesitate to contact us: we will advise you on how to get  the best image for your next tee .

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