Machine Embroidery Stitches Types

There are many kinds of machine embroidery stitches types and it may be hassle to choose the right one to your project. Here in this article we will study basics that will make you queen of machine embroidery stitches types.

Machine embroidery stitches types

Biggest three of machine embroidery stitches types

I guess you are waiting to hear about like a dozen of big Machine Embroidery Stitches types, But actually they all do the same thing, While there are only three main big stitches.

Point to point lines

There are no strange loops or knots it is just lines. which will give you a chance to make any pattern you want to do.

Straight stitch

Straight Stitch calls also Flat stitch, it is important in machine or hand embroidery designs. it is a very simple embroidery stitch which can be used to create broken or unbroken lines and can be used to fill shapes. In these stitches you can repeat lines and they can even vary in length and width.

You can use a software with your machine to be able to create fancy line or curves. So straight stitches are not just straight they can create logos, ornament pictures and more. And they are most often used in single color pattern, Detail work, outlining and shading.

Satin / Column stitch

Satin / Column stitch

These stitches usually used with text, but you can use it outside the text Embroidery Designs and you will get amazing shiny look at your pattern. This stitch essentially depends on tracking back and forth over a small area.

When you use this stitch it will be alternative between angled and straight stitch.Long, Long and unbroken threads give satin stitch a chance to exist and provide the shiny look you want to have. These stitches usually used in project areas like borders and inside text.

Fill embroidery stitch

Fill stitch calls also ceding or tatami stitch, But fill stitch is the most common name between embroiderers. You can recognize its purpose of its name, it is usually used to fill patterns. You can use alternated line with this stitch to get the woven look you want to have. And if you changed the density of the fill you will get a very different effect.

Chain stitch

It is one of the easiest machine embroidery stitches, in this stitch the needle is brought through the fabric at one end of the stitch and is inserted back into the fabric at the same point. Then, again the needle is brought back up at the polar end of the stitch. To complete and secure the row, the needle is taken to the wrong side over the loop from where it came through. Lazy daisy, Spanish chain, or zig-zag chain are some examples of the chain stitch.

Finally I have to say that you have less stitches options in machine embroidery than what you have in hand embroidery, So you have to practice and learn how stitched formed, And it is important for you to remember that these stitches are the building blocks to any pattern you create.

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