How To Make Machine Embroidery Appliques?

You can spend very nice time making embroidery appliques, Not just that but you can also grab your scissors and cut all these clothes you haven’t wear for years, No leftover fabric. you can use appliques to decorate a present or to create a unique gift quickly.

Important notice..

  • If you are going to use a fabric that made of nature material and will shrink like cotton, Wash it with hot not boiling water before you use it.

  • Don’t forget to buy scissors with long sharp edges.

  • Don’t use easy fray fabrics with appliques and if you don’t have any choice use “No Fray Spray” on fabric edges.

  • If you are using slippery fabrics you will have to use double sided scotch or adhesive spray.

Step by step to make embroidery applique

1- Load you applique design

Sure first you will need to load your applique design to your embroidery machine, Applique designs are usually simple.

2- Hoop the Finished Material

Next hoop the material your finished design will be on. Be sure to stabilize it just as you would for any kind of machine Embroidery Services UAE.

In this picture I have stabilized my material with Sulky Sticky +™, a self-adhesive, tear-away stabilizer.

Between the bottom of the hoop and the needle plate I have another ‘floating’ layer of stabilizer

3- The Applique’s Outline

The first stitches will be done are the outline stitches, Never mind a bout the color of threads you will use, They will cover anyway

4- Applique Fabric

Place your applique fabric over the outline. You’ll need to hold the fabric in place so it doesn’t bunch or pucker up on you.

Try to use double-stick tape but I think it will be easy to hold it down.

5- Tacking Stitch

Next, The tracking stitch will be done, tacking the applique fabric down.

6- Cut Away the Fabric

Take the hoop from your embroidery machine but don’t unhoop! Cut away the surplus, applique fabric from around the tacking stitch. Be close to the stitches but do not cut too many of them.

7- A Little More Trimming

When you cut most of the fabric a way it will be very easy to trim off the stray pieces.

8- Final Stitches

Then put the hoop in the machine again, and push the button.

9- 2 Sets of Stitches

Now your machine will make another stitch around your pattern, commonly it is an E or a V stitch, Now you finished final outline stitch, putting the finishing touch on your applique. It will be usually a satin stitch.

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